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ACJU to remove Halal logo in SL

Ash Sheikh M.I.M. Rizwe Mufti (Bin Noori) - (English)

Ven. Bellanvila Wimalarathana Thero Addressing On Halal Certification. (English - Sinhala)

Ash Sheikh M.I.M. Rizwe Mufti (Bin Noori) - (Tamil)

Ash Sheikh Murshid Mulaffar (Humaidy) - (Sinhala)

ACJU requests Government to take over Halaal

English Summary - by Ash Sheikh M.I.M. Rizwe Mufti (Bin Noori)

by Bandara Athapattu
Neither the Government nor any organizations pressurized the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) to hand over the authority to issue Halal Certification to the Government. What is most important above all is maintenance of peace and harmony in the country by all ethnic and religious groups, ACJU president Ash Sheikh Mufthi M.I.M. Rizwe said.
“The ACJU was briefing the media over the handing over of Halal Certification authority to a Government sponsored programme in which the Muslim community’s right of consuming halal foods would be ensured and protected, “he said.

Conference Summary - English -  Ash Sheikh M.I.M. Rizwe Mufti (Bin Noori)

7th February 2013

Allegations Against Mosque & Muslims as Extremists - By Ash Sheikh Faazil Farook

The Government and the All Ceylon Jaamiyathul Ulama (ACJU), reiterated today, that obtaining of the halal certificate is voluntary and the entire process is based on International specifications.Leader of the House and Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, on behalf of the government, made a detailed response today to Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe who asked the government to take steps to ease religious tension. In his statement the previous day, Mr. Wickremesinghe said that the ACJU, the apex body of Muslim clerics, had no legal power to issue Halal certification on business ventures.

By Abu Umar

Alhamdulillah, today, we as Muslims have it easy when it comes to acquiring knowledge about Islam.
There are many different methods of increasing our knowledge as we have the glorious Quran, a range of books available that have been simplified to become an ‘easy read’, dynamic speakers who are specialists in different languages and fields whom you can listen to at the touch of a button and even online Islamic courses. So the knowledge about our deen is very accessible to us in a range of formats.
Ideally, we would like to have more knowledge about Islam as it would be useful for us but is it important to gain knowledge? The answer is YES! The Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said,

by Shumaila Mahmood

Children are a product of our society and the most valuable asset of our future. We, as adults, greatly influence how a child feels and behaves. We have the power to motivate and inspire them. We need to create a positive image about learning about our deen. The only way to achieve this is by leading by example. As a parent, you will have very little impact on your child’s want to learn if you do not make the effort to do the same.
The key to motivating your child in learning about the deen is to make it fun, get them interested and put in the effort. For all you Productive Muslims out there I have come up with a few practical ideas on how to achieve this. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but simply a starting point to get you all started. Use Ramadaan as an opportunity to create the thirst for knowledge in your children insha Allah.

by Pervisha Khan
No matter how productive or positive a person is, they can face a temporary “inability-to-be-productive-error” which makes us indulge in many common social mistakes such as not wanting to maintain good relations with people around us.
It was narrated that Abu Hanifa said to Dawud al-Taa’i, “Why do you prefer seclusion?” Dawud replied, “To struggle against myself to leave disputing.” Abu Hanifah said, “Attend meetings, listen to what is said, and remain silent.” Dawud said, “I have done so, but I have found nothing heavier than this.”
Man is undoubtedly a social creature – no matter how hard you try to draw a safe circle, you have to socialize and progress in society. While you can’t always choose who crosses your path, let’s look at 5 ways you can maintain good relationships with the people around you.

by Muhammad Wajid Akhter   
Volunteering is a beneficial and productive form of sadaqa, or helping give to those in need. Not only are you benefitting others, you are earning reward, and – a fact that is often overlooked – learning how to become more productive in your everyday life. Here are 5 ways that volunteering encourages those who are involved to become more productive Muslims: