Educating the Lil ummah….

Upbringing children in the guidance of Islam


Education is an essential right which permits each person to receive instructions and to blossom socially. The right for education is vital for the economic, social and cultural development of societies. The purpose of education is to develop every child’s personality, talents, mental and physical abilities. Each child’s ambition is a parents dream so much so that a child is too often found to be pushed in a field he/she is not interested in.

In this race against time, parents are competing directly or indirectly in wanting to have the best are put on a platform only to be a compared with another child, doing so we harm the child’s self esteem and confidence and the outcome being the child is left in confusion. It is essential to give the right education and let the child bloom in their own beautiful time. Islam encourages secular education and made it obligatory to seek spiritual guidance as well.

How often do parents catch themselves dreaming about their child’s profession. Very often we hear parents saying “My son is going to be an engineer,” or “My daughter is going to be a lawyer.” Speaking in specific terms it is not wrong at all for setting ambitions for your children but along with your expectations how often do you think to yourself “I want my child to be a better person…”

“Everyone of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock. The leader of people is a guardian and is responsible of his subjects. A man is a guardian of his family and is responsible of them…”  

(sahih Bhukari 6719)       

Early childhood is the moulding stage of a child. If a child is taught to be upright and refined with good manners he will continue to be upright and well mannered throughout his life. The surrounding and environment play a big role in determining the characteristics and qualities of our children. As parents and educators we play an important role in affecting the outcome of a child. We are warned to be quite aware of our actions as children pick up behavior faster by seeing our actions than actually following our words and advice. If our behavior contradicts our words then our child is not going to learn anything from the rule books we wasted our time planning.

“Oh you who believe save yourself and your family from the fire”  ( Surah Tahreem 66.6)

We should be aware that this duty is a crucial one and Allah has given due attention to this responsibility. Allah and His Messenger (Sal) have set few guidelines in raising children in religious ways that would assist in the perfect upbringing of children.

  • Actions speak louder than words: Like mentioned before children see their parents as role models and are highly influenced by their behavior. Children listen more with their eyes than with their ears. If they find the qualities you possess are corrupt they would emulate it into their lives and if you thus possess qualities of good nature you can see the results in your children.


  • Introduce Allah and the Prophet (sal) : Children should be made aware of Allah and his prophets at a very young age. Substitute the fairytales and bedtime stories with the lives of the prophets and Sahabahs.


  • Concern for others : Teach your child to sympathize and empathize. Let them not grow believing they are better than the rest. Let them make friends and learn to live, give and grow.


  • The best of you is he who is of good conduct: It is mentioned in ahadith about good conduct. The prophet (sal) has placed great importance in cultivating good conduct in us and well as on our youngsters. A child grows up to become a better person if his foundation is strong with good Ahlaaq.


  • Strive for excellence in everything: Teach your child to put his full effort in whatever he is doing. Winning could be a habit so could be losing but what they should learn in the end of the day is about the quality of the work done. Focus on the effort and thus be a standard bearer of Islam.


Benefits of having a well cultured Ummah.


  1. Being brought up in the light of islam he/ she would grow up having a path to follow and in the years of growth would not be left in the dark to be snared by Shaithan.

  2. By educating our children we are educating a nation and thereby removing corruption.

  3. We are refining the outer appearance of Islam by having well mannered and cultured youngsters in the Muslim society.

  4. The ummah would not be of the deviant. We see many youngsters following the lives of Kuffar only because they do not know the beauty of following the life of our beloved prophet (Sal).

  5. The Rahma of Allah would be amidst the ummah.


    When the son of adam dies all his actions cease except for three:

  6. A continuing charity

  7. Beneficial knowledge

  8. A righteous child who prays for his parents.

    ( Bhukhari Muslim)


    Our children are the future and we are entrusted with something so great by Allah. The younger generation could be moulded well by the proper choice of knowledge. A person neglects his learning in youth loses his past and future.



Salma Ameen,

Colombo, Srilanka